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Smile Gallery

Interested in some of our services?  Check out some of our happy patients here at Roswell Mill Dentistry!

MA Before.jpg
MA After.jpg

Years of grinding contributed to the deterioration of this patient's dentition.  Dr. Cherof was able to fully restore her mouth with crowns and bridges.  She's now able to show off her teeth to her friends and family!

Before Crowns
After Crowns

This patient had multiple failing restorations on her front teeth.  Dr. Cherof placed crowns to help with her esthetics.  Additionally, her cleaning helped with the health and appearance of her lower teeth.


This patient had spacing, wear, and very translucent upper teeth.  Dr. Cherof placed a combination of crowns and veneers to help rebuild her smile!


Staining, spacing, and wear are very common esthetic conditions that Dr. Cherof is able to fix with porcelain veneers

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